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Friday, June 3, 2011

Forgetting to Remember

Today I happened to drive past my former office. And I saw these beautiful jacaranda trees.

Wow..... I'd forgotten all about these wonderful trees! They line the street for at least a block. When they're in bloom, you feel as if you're enveloped in an cloud of puffy purple. My office used to overlook these trees and I remember peering through the window at them all the time while I was on conference calls.

It makes me a bit sad to think that this year I didn't get to enjoy the trees every day in May. In fact, I'd completely forgotten about them until I just happened to drive by. How could I completely forget something that put a smile on my face 30 days every year?

This experience caused me to realize that we can't forget to remember. Especially the good things. It seems to be human nature to think about the bad and to feel sorry for ourselves, even if we're very blessed. But it's really important to proactively remind ourselves of positive memories from the past.

So think back on your recent work experiences. What was your favorite thing? Or your favorite person? Who or what put a smile on your face? Even if you left on bad terms (although I hope not) or are still feeling down about the circumstances of your departure, there must be at least SOME positive memories from your recent work life.

Those are the ones to remember. Let go of the negativity and file the positive ones away for future retrieval. Like when you see the jacaranda trees next year.

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  1. Hi Sherri -

    This is such great advice. And it's funny how something like trees out front of our old office can provide that reminder.

    In addition to remembering your happy times at prior jobs, you can remember your victories while there (successful new products, the chance to promote an employee, etc.). Remembering your victories can help with confidence while interviewing and while networking.

    Thanks for this reminder. :-)