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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dog Walking Thoughts

It's amazing what you can learn while walking your dog.

What used to be a 10 minute mad-dash at 10 PM can now be a leisurely stroll at 11 in the morning. Believe it or not, my neighborhood looks completely different at 11 AM than it does at 10 PM. There are green trees, lots of grass and the occasional flower. And real live people who are out and about. Imagine that!

Yesterday while walking the dog, I actually met some of my neighbors. It's been EONS since I've interacted with the neighborhood. Mostly because I never was home before 8 PM on weeknights. And on weekends I was too busy running errands.

(Well, actually to be honest, it might also have been that I was inside asleep because sleeping is my #1 hobby. Ask my husband.... he will vouch for this).

But back to the story....

Now that I have the luxury of time, I'm getting to know some of my neighbors and I must say that it's been quite enjoyable. For example, we have lived next-door to a certain man for 2 years. Prior to this week, the only conversation I'd ever had with him was about our cat wandering into his house one day and making herself comfortable by sleeping on his bed. (Note: this is NOT recommended as a way to get to know your neighbors! Even I will admit that finding a strange animal sleeping on your bed when you retire at night must be a wee bit disconcerting).

This week, I had a chance to chat with him as I was walking the dog (fortunately, he likes dogs more than he likes cats). It turns out that he is a very nice person, as is his wife. Sadly, I was "too busy" to even stop and say hello in the past. In actuality, perhaps I just had my priorities wrong.

And here's the kicker..... while talking to him this week, I learned that this guy I ignored for 2 years just so happens to be a senior executive with a company at the top of my list of prospective employers. How amazing is that?

But even if he wasn't, I am just glad that I got to know my neighbor. After all, if my cat has slept with him, I really should have gotten to know him before now!

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