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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Himalayan Bath Salts

I'm sure you're already wondering from the title of this post whether I've gone mad and am perhaps posting on the wrong blog. You'll see where I'm headed in a minute.

About two weeks into this new state of being, I realized that I don't have suitable attire for unemployment. Like many people, the proportions of my closet seemed to be as follows:

75% Work Attire
15% Stuff that dates back to college and should have been trashed long ago
10% Suitable for daily casual wear

Since I won't be needing the work attire for awhile, I had a great idea to move all those clothes to the closet in our guest bedroom so they wouldn't be a daily reminder that I'm not going to work every day.

So, the good news is that I cleaned out my closet.

The bad news is that it then occurred to me that I really needed to buy "just a few" new things that would be suitable for trips to Starbucks, errand-running and general casual activities. Well, as you might have predicted, the end result was a big online shopping binge. Not exactly the best thing to be doing if you're unemployed.

What I've learned is that when you have unlimited time the internet is NOT your friend. Online shopping is perfect for a working mother of 3 small kids who needs to buy new socks at midnight. It is not recommended for a former executive with severance package money in the bank and all day to spend online.

Hence the Himalayan bath salts. After buying more than a few pairs of jeans and cute casual shirts that also seem reasonably professional (in case I run into anyone who might be a potential employer), I started exploring other websites. One that I landed on specialized in those fancy spa things like paraffin wax for your hands and aromatherapy oils that claim to relieve all the stress in your body.

Well, I thought, what is more stressful than unemployment? And don't I deserve to de-stress my life? Maybe I should spend some time on this site.

Hence, I am now the proud owner of 7 lbs of Himalayan bath salts. Apparently they have incredible stress relieving properties. And buying 7 lbs was only a little bit more than buying 2 pounds so it was really a bargain.

If only I wasn't so stressed out about where to store them. Clearly they don't belong in the closet, but I have yet to find the time to clean out the cabinets in the bathroom.

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