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Monday, March 14, 2011


Losing your job is tough. But consider all the people in Japan who are now dealing with the Superbowl of calamities--- a major earthquake, a tsunami and potential nuclear fallout all in the span of 3 days.

Or the people in Christchurch, New Zealand who also had a large earthquake in recent weeks. Or the folks in Australia who suffered through two massive floods (one larger than the size of Texas) in a matter of weeks.

These are REAL problems.

All of these affected individuals would be thrilled to only have to worry about finding another job. Instead, they are wondering how to find shelter, where they can find clean water and whether their family members are alive.

Similarly, there are many people here at home who have problems much worse than finding another job. They are sick. Perhaps even dying. They are losing their house in foreclosure. They are getting divorced. A family member has an addiction problem. And many, many other things.

Let's be thankful that all we have to do is find another job. Really. Our lives could be so much worse.

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